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Next level beauty sleep. This two part sleep system combines a high-quality satin pillowcase infused with Hemp-CBD with a down-alternative pillow. 


This pillowcase uses microencapsulation technology, a fascinating process through which microscopic droplets of CBD particles are wrapped in a protective coating then threaded into our satin pillowcases. The CBD is absorbed into your skin, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD each night. CBD benefits can be enjoyed between 20-30 washes, while the beauty-boosting benefits of the luxury satin pillowcase can be enjoyed for even longer under our 3-year quality warranty.

Cannabidiol, or hemp-CBD, is a natural substance derived from the hemp plant that contains extremely minimal amounts, if any, of THC; therefore, it has no psychoactive effects. 

The CBD pillowcase is vegan, cruelty free, and tested for potency and purity. See test results here.

Sleep is the OG beauty secret. Enough said. And this satin pillowcase goes even further to by providing a smooth, non-absorbent surface that gently interacts with your skin and hair all night long. This helps to minimize bedhead and hair breakage and supports hydrated, clear skin. 


  • Standard/Queen Size - 20 in x 30 in
  • King Size - 20 in x 40 in
  • 100% Polyester Satin

Down Alterative Pillow:

  • Standard/Queen Size - 20 in x 28 in
  • King Size - 20 in x 36 in
  • Pillow cover is made from 100% Cotton
  • Pillow filler is made from 100% Polyester
Wash instructions - Pillowcase:
  • Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting. Do Not Bleach.

    While our pillowcases will arrive clean and ready for use, we recommend you launder before sleeping on them as your skin may be accustomed to your specific detergent.

  • Effects work between 20-30 washes

Wash instructions - Pillow:

  • Machine wash cold. Tumble dry on low heat. 

Not safe for or intended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or children under 18 years old. As always, we recommend consulting with your physician before usage.

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